In Spain, there are different alternatives to acquire money easily and quickly. For example, loans, company credits or bank guarantees are just some of the options that organizations have in terms of starting up projects by requesting money quickly and with prolonged payments.
When talking about financial products, it is necessary to mention Bagger Capital, an organization with vast experience in the sector, which makes private capital loans available to large companies in order to provide a quick and short-term solution to business projects. It is an alternative that offers traditional methods framed in the needs of business applications.

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Currently, when a company tries to request financing from a bank it becomes a very difficult task, if not almost impossible, only 8% of the loans requested from Spanish banks are granted.
And we are not just referring to mortgage loans, but also to small consumer needs, loans for home improvements, to change a car, for a financial hardship or to start a business as a freelancer.

If we talk about venture capital operations, we can refer to the financing received by a company that is in a growth or high-risk stage. It is a financial activity that channels and manages money raised from investors to these companies, which normally have some difficulty in accessing other sources of financing. Venture capital firms can only take equity stakes in companies on a temporary basis. Their main objective is to increase the value of these companies and obtain a subsequent profit.


At BaggerCapital we offer you our services to restructure your company. We elaborate a viability plan for your company, we study all the operations currently contracted.

We negotiate with banks and all suppliers, baggercapital personally handles the negotiations, it is also applicable to any debt contracted with several creditors, as well as with public entities.


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  • National and International Banking.
  • Investment Fund Managers.
  • Private Equity to avoid Foreclosures or Auctions or to obtain Market Liquidity.
  • Financing of Industrial Projects, Renewable Energies, Public Works through Bank Guarantees from TOP Ranking Banks or Sovereign Debt of Triple A European Countries.
  • Construction Loans / Developer / Land Purchase for Construction.
  • Project Financing through National and International Funds.
  • Bank Guarantee (BG) Standby Letters Credit (SBLC) Sight Letter of Credit, POF (Proof of Funds), Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages and MT799, MT999, etc.
  • Guarantees from International Insurance Companies, for Public Works Bids, Surety Insurance, Advance Payment of Subsidies, Credit Insurance (to Guarantee Bank Loans and Loans between Individuals), Insurance Brokerage.
  • Luxury Real Estate Consultancy for Apartments, Villas, Premises, Buildings, etc.
  • Business Establishments and Opening of Offshore Accounts.
  • Asset Purchase. Private Equity Loans. Capital bank loans.
  • Building and Hotel Purchasing and Management. Building Management. Risk Operations for Companies. Bank Guarantees. Purchase of Office Buildings. Relaunching and Restructuring of Companies. Loans for Developers and Builders. Solutions to financial inactivity. Project financing. Letters of credit. Bank Guarantees. Bank Policies. Proof of Funds.
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To survive and stand out in today’s business environment, you need to be able to focus on your core business.
All kinds of distractions will slow down your business, which will ultimately mean a loss of competitive edge.

Our professional business service will allow you to focus and stay on top. That way you will be succesful.

We analize your business processes and provide support in other management areas, so that you focus solely on the business.
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