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What is a private capital loan?

It is a form of alternative financing to traditional banking, through which, through private capital funds, the necessary financing or liquidity is provided.

In short, these are all loans offered by a non-bank financial institution.

Why take out private capital loans for businesses?

This type of loan provides a series of advantages that will bring benefits to companies and self-employed people in different sectors.

Private capital loans for companies will help to get out of complicated economic scenarios, and in all cases with a common nexus: Banks refuse (for whatever reason) to grant a loan. Thus, private capital loans become the best solution for emergency situations, with no other financing alternatives.

Advantages of private capital loans

Among the advantages or benefits of private capital loans for companies are the following:

  • In scenarios of urgency or extreme necessity, deadlines are approaching and payment cannot be made when due, there is no liquidity. It is necessary to prevent non-payment from leading to more serious consequences or an increase in debt.
  • If the company or self-employed appears in the ASNEF database; and in this situation the banks do not offer credit and assume the risk.
  • Immediate access to the working capital your company needs.
  • Quick loan review and approval.
  • Even with a high CIRBE, we can provide the liquidity you need.
  • No matter ASNEF or RAI. We have the financing you need.