Alternative or private capital

Alternative or private capital

Currently, when a company tries to request financing from a bank it becomes a very difficult task, if not almost impossible, only 8% of the loans requested from Spanish banks are granted.

And we are not just referring to mortgage loans, but also to small consumer needs, loans for home improvements, to change a car, for a financial hardship or to start a business as a freelancer. In the bank they ask you for a lot of papers and conditions, and even so, when you meet all the requirements, they may still deny you the credit, alleging ridiculous reasons and excuses.

Fortunately there are other financing alternatives that give solution to the lack of liquidity, making the money flow, and favoring the economic recovery to all those people who have aspirations, debts, properties, projects, etc… and do not have liquidity.

BAGGER CAPITAL helps you to get that liquidity that banks do not give you through private capital loans.

Criteria to obtain private financing

What criteria do we apply to obtain private financing?

Obviously any investor who lends his money wants to know where it is going to go and for what purpose it is going to be used.

It must be taken into account that the lender and the borrower are going to become partners for a certain period of time in a project that must be profitable for both parties.

It would be irresponsible not to know the destination of this capital and the business it will be used for.

When a client contacts BAGGER CAPITAL the first thing we do is to study the feasibility of the operation requested, we prepare a detailed report and present it to the most appropriate investor who gives us his approval to the project.

BAGGER CAPITAL private financing is what you need in Private Capital.