Private Capital

At Bagger Capital we make private capital loans available to LARGE COMPANIES, in order to provide a quick, short-term solution for these professionals.

Nowadays new financing systems are needed and at Bagger Capital we offer alternatives to traditional methods. Asking a bank for a loan is becoming more and more complicated, as approximately only 5% of the loans requested from Spanish banks are granted.

Therefore, we invite you to be advised by our professionals to evaluate other very advantageous and competitive financing options.


We also put at the service of our clients our Law Firm, which will be pleased to assist you, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, International Law.

We offer our clients to manage the law of SECOND CHANCE with reductions from 50% to 100% of the debts of your company.

Entrepreneurs, self-employed and individuals who find themselves in extreme situations and fail commercially can take advantage of this legislation.
Small companies, citizens or specific debtors and professionals are those who can reach a legal solution through the SECOND CHANCE law.