Interest Rates (Businesses)

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Interests goes directly to the investors who lent you the money. Remember that they are people like you, who have trusted their savings in order to help you fulfill your projects. In return they recieve a return, which is the interest you pay.

The interest on the loan depends on two factors:

  1. Base Rate: is the same for all loans and depends on the average interest rates of the market.
  2. Risk factor and Volatility: it depends on the degree of solvency of the loan.

Bagger Capital Transparency Commitment . We want you to have all the information so you can compare and make the best decision . The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a good indicator of the real cost of the loan. In addition to the interest rate, the calculation of the APR also includes other costs associated with the loan, such as comissions.The APR is specific to each case, as it depends on the amount and time chosen.

But do not worry, before you confirm your loan we will tell you exactly your costs and your APR. Study and compare.

You decide!