Obtaining financing for companies in crisis

Obtaining financing for companies in crisis, as well as financing for new companies is not a big obstacle for the BaggerCapital team, which knows all the types of financing, both public and private, available to our clients.
We are aware that public financing is the ‘cheapest’, but also the one that takes the longest to arrive. At BaggerCapital we work with all the banks that make up the Spanish pool, as well as with different private investors and existing alternative financing.

At BaggerCapital we monitor the real financial needs of our clients, providing them with a wide range of possibilities to cover them. In addition, we will always recommend those solutions that best meet these needs, with more guarantees and better returns.

Within the bank financing that guarantees the business activity, companies have the possibility of using short-term or long-term financing.

As far as short-term financing is concerned, those with a term of less than one year, we can count on commercial credit, bank credit, promissory notes, loans from individuals to companies, line of credit, commercial papers or financing based on inventories.

If, in order to obtain the funding with which to carry out the business activity or even to start up a newly created company, we opt for long-term financing, where the payment period extends beyond one year, we can opt for a mortgage loan, share issue, bonds, financial leasing or collective financing.

In addition to private investors, there are other forms of alternative financing such as leasing, renting, factoring, creditors, foreign currency financing and mutual guarantee companies.

We know that using these different financial solutions entails a series of requirements and a series of obligations.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our clients, we control all the documentation necessary to access the external financing market, which is required by financial institutions and investors.

In addition, we look for the appropriate formula to cover the objectives set out in the plan made by the company and for which it needs financing. In this way, our clients benefit from our experience of more than 25 years working in the financial sector, as well as from the fact that entities and investors trust the projects we guarantee.