Private capital

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In Spain, there are different alternatives to acquire money easily and quickly. For example, loans, company credits or bank guarantees are just some of the options that organizations have in terms of starting up projects by requesting money quickly and with prolonged payments.

When talking about financial products, it is necessary to mention Bagger Capital, an organization with vast experience in the sector, which makes private capital loans available to large companies in order to provide a quick and short-term solution to business projects. It is an alternative that offers traditional methods framed in the needs of business applications.

Financial solutions for companies with Bagger Capital

Companies go through certain unsustainable situations at an economic level, increase a drastic decrease of capital where production and development of the same is affected. For this reason, Bagger Capital focuses on offering solutions to avoid their bankruptcy. So much so that, in 5 years (2017-2022) , this service has closed private equity transactions with more than 85% of companies with financial problems that requested their aid.

Some financial solutions presented by Bagger Capital and related to financing are bank guarantees and loans, where the conditions to obtain them are very minimal. Bagger Capital also offers investment fund managers, industrial project financing, loans in different sectors, guarantees from international insurance companies and legal consultations, among other options, always adapted to the desired objective of the company and those involved.