What do we offer you

  • National and International Banking.
  • Investment Funds Managers.
  • Private Capital to avoid Seizure or Auctions or to obtain  Market Liquidity .
  • Financing of Industrial Projects, Renewable Energies, Public Works through the Bank Guarantee of TOP Ranked Banks or Sovereign Debt of Triple A European Countries.
  • Builder Loan / Developer / Purchase of Land for Construction.
  • Financing of Projects through National and International Funds.
  • Bank Guarantee (BG) Standby Letters Credit (SBLC) Letter of Credits at Sight, POF (Proof of Funds), Messages Ready Willing and Able (RWA) and MT799, MT999, etc.
  • Guarantees from International Insurance Companies, for Public Works Bidding, Surety Insurance,  Anticipating the payment of subsidies, Credit Insurance ( to Guarantee Bank Loans and Loans among individuals ) Insurance Brokerage.
  • Luxury Real State Consulting of Appartments, Chalet, Premises, Buildings, etc.
  • Establishment of Businesses and Opening of Offshore Accounts.
  • Purchase of Assets.  Private Equity Loans. Bank Equity Loans.
  • Purchase and Management of Buildings and Hotels. Buildings Management. Risk Operations for Businesses. Bank Guarantees. Purchase of Office Buildings. Relaunching and Restructuring of Businesses. Credits for Developers and Builders. Solutions to the financial inactivity. Project Financing. Letters of Credit. Bank Guarantees. Bank Policies. Proof of Funds.
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